We now have 4 new learners at Crick. (Learning basic handling). So that we can make progress to independent ringing in the shortest time possible it’s a good idea to practice as often as possible in the early stages.

I am happy to arrange a session for any of you, any day, and at any time subject to the availability of the tower – not regular practice times or service times. Please let me know when you want to attend. I would suggest that at least 2 sessions a week are the ideal and I would be happy with a session every day if you feel up to it!

Once  past the initial barrier of ringing independently and safely then our Rising Ringers sessions on Saturday mornings will become practice at ringing together and developing the finer points of bell control. Then it is up to you to decide what more you want from your ringing, I will help you to achieve that.

Great to have you all!



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