Our First Practice

Last night was the first regular Crick practice night in some years. The local benefice band from Yelvertoft have continued to practice on the last Friday of the month but regular Crick practice has now also resumed.

Attendance was very good indeed and there was a nice friendly relaxed atmosphere throughout the evening. We rang up in 2 x 4s and then gave a bit of┬átime to handling practice for our first two victims…erm, recruits Ros and Arthur who were taught by Alistair and Andy T. Then we started the main practice.

Over the course of the evening we rang a few sets of Rounds and Call Changes, Plain Hunt on 7, several courses of Bob Triples, Grandsire Triples and we finished with Bob Major.

We then refreshed ourselves in The Red Lion and the social side of the evening continued for some time. Hopefully a good time was had by all.


Nick, Anth, Rob, Alistair, Alison B., Andy T., Paul, Colin, Neil, Andy H. Daphne, Scott, David, Julia, Ali, Anne, Mike, Ian, Ros and Arthur

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