Oxford Bob Triples

Over the next few months we are going to be concentrating our efforts on Oxford Bob Triples as our main Thursday 8-bell practice method. We managed our first few plain courses last night and the method is rather musical. We will be adding in calls next practice and hope to attempt a quarter peal before the end of the year. Look… Read more →

<> on May 24, 2011 in London, England.

Ringing for Queen Elizabeth II

On Wednesday 9th September 2015 Queen Elizabeth II became Britain’s longest reigning monarch. This was marked by bells being rung around the country from 5:30 onwards. (5:30 was the approximate time of Queen Victoria’s death – the previous longest serving monarch). A group of local ringers  from Crick Lilbourne and Hillmorton rang at their three towers. Hillmorton 7:00 Rounds/Call changes, Reverse Canterbury… Read more →


4 Passes at LtR Level 1

Congratulations! The four  learners who started the LtR course earlier this year have now passed their Level 1 assessments and are well on the way to completing LtR Level 2. All have made excellent progress and can ring rounds on 6 confidently.   Left to right above Nick Hiams presenting certificates to Liz Sweeney and Judy Turner at Lilbourne practice . Below Ros… Read more →



We now have 4 new learners at Crick. (Learning basic handling). So that we can make progress to independent ringing in the shortest time possible it’s a good idea to practice as often as possible in the early stages. I am happy to arrange a session for any of you, any day, and at any time subject to the availability… Read more →

Extra Practice Night

To cover for absence of a local practice at Shawell tonight. We had some problems with a broken slider on the 6th bell but it has now been repaired and a replacement is on order.   The practice is definitely ON   We have at least one experienced person able to give assistance with initial bell handling. The 6th bell… Read more →


Our First Practice

Last night was the first regular Crick practice night in some years. The local benefice band from Yelvertoft have continued to practice on the last Friday of the month but regular Crick practice has now also resumed. Attendance was very good indeed and there was a nice friendly relaxed atmosphere throughout the evening. We rang up in 2 x 4s… Read more →